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Archaeology, History, Volcanology, Trekking, Aperitifs and sunsets..
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The Aeolian Islands, declared part of UNESCO World Heritage for their volcanic phenomena and natural beauty, are also a magic mix of history and myths, where you can visit explosive volcanos, prehistoric villages or lazily trip around in a fishing boat. The seven islands are similar and at the same time each one is different to the other..

Sea and Nature

The sea with all its health benefits makes us all happy, which you will discover as soon as you arrive in Canneto and see the aquamarine transparencies of our sea

Archaeology & History

Strolling around the Bernabò Brea Archaeological Museum situated on the “Castello” in Lipari, you will discover amazing treasures of the Prehistoric, Greek and Roman periods and on to Medieval times. Not to mention the numerous churches, and the history of the 1900s when Lipari was a place for political prisoners.


The Aeolian archipelago, consisting of the seven islands, Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea e Stromboli, is the magnificent manifestation of a large group of submarine volcanos extending over an area of approximately 200 kilometres..

Trips and Excursions

You can discover the Islands from the sea, travelling by boat and exploring small inlets, grottoes, and rock outcrops, or just snorkelling or scuba diving to see our magnificent underwater seascapes. Trekking to explore the landscape is very popular, either on your own or with expert guides.

Aperitifs and sunsets

Enjoy our sunsets and our local km0 wines, when you explore the western side of the island

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